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About Us

“A-Z Domestics just know how kitchen appliances work”

As well as being highly trained in Engineering and Domestic Appliances, our experience over the years has given us extensive experience in fixing just about every brand of dishwashers, cooking appliances, washing machines and dryers, I have experience working in the field, as an engineer we know how each machine is put together and how it should work. We know what parts are needed, what sounds it should and shouldn’t make, and how it should perform. We maintain our knowledge on the latest appliances out there, we don’t learn our trade on your time.

“Received the new parts the next day”


In 90% of cases, we can repair your appliance there and then. We hold a good stock of parts to enable us to fix your appliance fast. In those situations where we need to order a part in for you, we typically receive the delivery within 24 - 48 hours thanks to the exceptional relationships we’ve built with manufacturers and suppliers.


 “Clean and tidy engineer”


We take pride in our job and respect your property as we would our own. We’ll clear up and leave your kitchen just as it was when we arrived.

“A conscientious engineer”

We are extremely proud of our public liability record in that we’ve never made a claim in all our years of business. It’s because we work carefully and methodically and always make sure we water test and perform an electrical safety test on your appliance before we go.

“The repair was a lot faster and cheaper than expected”


Nearly all of our customers are pleasantly surprised at how quickly we can repair their kitchen appliance and, as a result, how little it cost to fix. Older machines can keep going with the right care and repair, and we actively encourage the environmentally friendly choice of fixing kitchen appliances rather than discarding them for new models.


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