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Rental Frequently Asked Questions



Q - Is delivery included in the price ?


A - Delivery, installation and removal is included in the prices quoted unless otherwise stated.



Q - How do I apply ?


A - A rental application can be carried out over the phone or you may wish to complete a rental application online using our secure server to ensure your details are kept private. On processing your application we can generally advise the outcome in 1 to 2 hours.



Q - Are the electrical appliances new ?


A - All electrical appliances advertised are pre-rented yet in excellent condition. New rental products are available on request and are subject to availability. All 'Rent to Own' products are new.



Q - What happens if something I have rented breaks down ?


A - One of the main benefits of renting home appliances is that we look after that for you. We will either have a service person attend your home or swap the appliance over. Which ever is more convenient and practical at the time.



Q - Do I have to pay a deposit ?


A - There is no deposit required, We take the first installment in advance.



Q - How are rental payments made ?


A - Rental payments are made by a direct debit from your bank account. Details are required before delivery.



Q - Can I purchase the rented product at the end of my rental period ?


A - If you call us at the end of the rental agreement we can provide you with a purchase price for the item. The 'Rent To Own' product is a different process to the traditional rental process and would require you calling our office for details.



Q - What is the difference between short term rental and 'Rent To Own'?


A - Short term rental is when you rent an item for 6 months or more. The products are typically pre rented unless you have taken the product option. At the end of the rental period the product is returned to us. Rent to Own allows you to purchase the products at the end of the rental term for as little as £1.00. The weekly costs are higher and the agreement periods are generally for 24 months or longer.




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