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Repairs & Service

We offer a Same Day/Next Day service & repair over 90% of appliances on the first visit due to our large stock of spares.


Washing Machines

Faulty drum replacement - Blocked pumps - Snapped belts - Pressure system faults - 

Door gasket replacements - Problems with the spin cycle - Not heating - Overfilling -

Leaking - Noisy - No Drum Action - No Power - Blows Rcd


And many more!


Tumble Dryers

Poor drying - Faulty bearings - Not Heating - Jockey wheels faulty or worn - Overheating or burning - Blockages - Snapped belt - Drum not turning - Blows Rcd - No Power - Door Broken


And many more!


Cookers - Ovens - Hobs

Damaged glazing - Thermostat problems - Temperature irregularities - Not Heating -

Fan or motor repairs - Uneven heat/cooking - No Power - Blows Rcd - Door Broken -

Door Seals - Timer 


And many more!



Warning lights on - Poor general cleaning - Leaks or blockages Water not draining -

Damaged or faulty spray arms - Bad Odours - Damaged or faulty detergent dispenser -

No Heat - No Power


And many more!



Temperature irregularities - Electrical issues - Frost build up/freezing - Faulty -

Thermostat - Leaks or puddles inside - Damaged condenser coils - Freezer Cold Fridge Warm - Bad Odours - No Power


And many more!


Vacuum Cleaners Domestic and Commercial  

We No Longer Repair Cleaners, We Highly Recommend The Vac Doctors


Welcome To Vac Doctors (MK), we offer to help you get your equipment back up and running in the shortest possible time and the least amount of effort on your part. We can service and repair all types and makes of Domestic and Commercial floor cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners, carpet extraction machine, floor polishers and small scrubber dryers. Call now on 01908 504213


Established in Milton Keynes in 1993 we cover the Milton Keynes area and surrounding villages and towns including Buckingham, Leighton Buzzard and Towcester.

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Broken Washing Machine Low Cost Repairs
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